Prof. Mahmoud Elmi Rayaleh Dies in Gabode prison 30/08/2013

The shocking death of Professor Mahmoud Elmi Rayaleh was announced earlier today by officials at the Central Prison of Gabode. Professor Mahmoud who was taught French at a Public School in Balbala and was at the time of his arrest an active member of USN.

He was arrested on August 2, 2013 after the Friday prayers by the gendarmerie. He was among a group of over 24 people of whom most were women. This group had been to the North Brigade Djibouti degrading and humiliating treatment but also psychological torture.

He was placed in custody August 3, 2013 at the Central Prison Gabode. It is August 20, 2013 he was sentenced to two months in prison.

Its not clear what caused of death but we are awaiting the results of the investigation and autopsy.

The ODDH is worried about the fate of other prisoners in general and particularly political prisoners given the conditions of detention.

The ODDH request the establishment as soon as possible of a commission of inquiry into the death of Mahamoud Elmi Rayaleh and the conditions of detention at the Central Prison Gabode.